Customer Service Stories

Make Doing Business Easy

My wife has been a paying member of a national massage chain for years. Honestly, it’s never been a great relationship, but the service was just barely good enough to keep coming back and paying the monthly fee. Over the past few months she’s determined that the value just isn’t there any longer. The services were no longer justified the price they were charging. She made the decision to cancel the service. In order to…

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My MSP Start

“You don’t happen to know anyone that does computer work do you?” My chiropractor asked while I was getting adjusted one day. He was opening a new office across town and needed some help getting his network up and running in the new office. That’s how it started for me. At the time I was working as IT Support at a nationwide brokerage firm, but my job was boring. I was able to do the…

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Welcome to my blog. That’s about as unoriginal as an opening line for any blog gets, but there you go… I have had various blogs throughout the years, but never really stuck to writing. That said, I do enjoy writing so here’s attempt number 7 or so. The purpose of this blog is mostly to flex my writing muscle and occasionally I’ll have something insightful to say. I don’t expect many readers, but we’ll see…

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