Today’s ramble will be my first book recommendation. We are talking about the E-Myth Revisited today. It’s a small business book classic for a reason, but if you haven’t read it yet it should be on the top of your list.

Let me start with a quick story. I bet this sounds familiar.

Back when I started my business I was a tech. I was a pretty good tech if I do say so myself. I also had the ability to speak to non-technical people which was a great skill to have. This ultimately led me to the thought of “Why don’t I start my own business and get paid to do the same tech work I was doing during my day-job?”

So, I started my computer consultancy business. I came out of the gate strong as I had a few projects, and my former company brought me back in as a consultant for a few weeks to help with a big deployment. When I got done with those projects I looked up and had nothing to do. I didn’t spend time filling my pipeline because I was so busy with the projects.

This was the first of MANY lessons I learned the hard way. I ran into invoicing issues, marketing issues, frustrated client issues, and accounting issues in my first couple of years. It seemed like it was lesson learned the hard way after lesson learned the hard way.

Somewhere along the line someone recommended this book, and I promptly was too busy to read it. I bought it, but it sat on my shelf for a couple of decades. Long past me selling my client list to another provider and moving across the country. Long past my second and third gigs in the MSP space.

Sadly, I didn’t read it until I was about interviewing at my current gig with Pax8. During the interview process someone mentioned the book. I picked it up it on Audible and listened to it while cross country skiing that winter. The story felt like my story. I wondered (not for the first time) that if I had listened to the person that recommended this book if it would have changed the outcome of my first business.

I can’t go back in time, but I can tell you that if you’re an entrepreneur and haven’t read or listened to this book, this one needs to get to the top of your list!

The essential message of the book is that you need to invest in building systems to allow your business to scale. If the business owner is unable to build these systems and separate from being the technician it’s likely the business owner will burn out and the business likely will fail.

Remember to keep learning. This is a great option to level up your knowledge.

With that, thanks for coming on this ramble with me and I hope to see you on the next one.

By Adam

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