My posts and videos have been pretty basic so far. The rationale behind starting off basic is, I’m working out my systems and learning the fundamentals of video production here in these early posts. That’s right, we are talking fundamentals in today’s Ramble. 

I’m a baseball guy, and every year at spring training each team starts with establishing fundamentals. They take grounders, hit off of tees, and make sure their throwing form is on point before they go full speed. They don’t expect pitchers to show up and throw 100+ pitches on the first day. 

While this might not be your first day in business there’s a decent chance that you have learned at least one thing by watching a video on the fundamentals of running a small business/MSP. 

I’m like 11 or 12 videos into this YouTube thing, so it’s early yet. I’m covering things I know, and learning some of the fundamentals of recording videos and writing blog posts. 

Not all of my videos will be groundbreaking stuff, but hopefully you can pull a nugget or two of information that helps you in your business and I’ll keep learning how to make video and content production better. My goal is to do one thing better in each video and be consistent throughout the year.

In the meantime, don’t forget to do the easy stuff well. It’ll make the harder things easier in the future. 

Thanks for coming on this ramble with me and I hope to see you on the next one. 

By Adam

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